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Marco Plumbing is a drain and plumbing company dedicated to delivering quality plumbing services in Whitby, Toronto, Durham region and the surrounding areas. Gathering 10 years of experience in the industry, the company has a primary goal of assuring its clients are educated and fully satisfied with the level of service received. Marco Plumbing is owned by Mark Fermo.

The employees are full time salaried plumbers, always on time and fully prepared and trained to complete a job on the spot. They do not operate by commission and each plumber holds a current and valid Certificate of Qualification (License), backing up their certificate with several years or more of experience beyond the minimum requirements for their certificate.

Marco Plumbing specializes in all commercial and residential home plumbing services, including clogs, back-ups and leaks, plumbing repairs and installations, inspections and maintenance, water service upgrades and fixing/thawing frozen pipes. Emergency plumber services are also available for the immediate response when needed, with 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the work conducted. The company offers a lifetime guarantee for underground drain repair and a free complimentary plumbing inspection of the rest of a client’s home if desired

Exceeding the standards, Marco Plumbing is a reputable, quality and trustworthy plumbing company that offers quality services and exact to the penny up front pricing. No overtime or extra charge is added for nights, weekends or holidays. The professional plumbing, emergency service, preventative maintenance plans and flat rate pricing make Marco Plumbing a client oriented company that is always prepared to provide its clients with accurate, quality and thorough work.  


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