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Drain Rescue Plumbers is a trusted plumbing company providing services to residential and commercial customers in Mississauga, Ontario. Serving the Mississauga community since 1997, the licensed Plumbers are insured, bonded and skilled plumbers offering a full range of services that include. plumbing maintenance and repairs, 24/7 plumbing emergencies, clogged drains services, sewer backups, and flood protection. Their Mississauga Plumbers are drain cleaning experts. No matter where a customer is experiencing the backup or blockage and no matter how severe, their specialized hydro jetting equipment is capable of impeccably clearing drains and sewer lines of any unwanted particles.

Many of the homeowners Drain Rescue services take protection measures against basement flooding by installing backwater valves and sump pumps, which are partially subsidized by the city of Mississauga. Drain Rescue has become a reputable and trusted name in the Mississauga area. From small jobs such as fixing a leaky ceiling right through to major plumbing work including drain repairs underneath a basement floor, these Mississauga plumbers do it all. 


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