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Based in Richmond Hill, Vacuum Warehouse specializes in vacuum cleaners. Vacuum Warehouse is a family business that began in the 80’s and switched to just Miele machines in 1999. Today, the store is filled with Miele vacuum experts and if a custom requires servicing, they can simply bring it in and it will be serviced right there in the store. One of the benefits of only selling one type of vacuum cleaner is that a business becomes known as the expert for that particular type of machine. It also doesn’t hurt when the machine in question is one of the more reliable and high quality ones available on the market, which the Miele is.

Miele vacuum cleaners are crafted out of quality materials and they are very durable. That means any homeowner can feel comfortable when adding it to their daily routine. When a company such as Vacuum Warehouse has been in business for so long and has been selling just one type of vacuum cleaner for almost 15 years, there’s no doubt that customers must be getting a positive experience with it. If there were common issues or the Miele name wasn’t living up to the hype, Vacuum Warehouse would have abandoned the experiment long ago. As it is, they are continuing to sell this brand and sales continue to grow.

Vacuum Warehouse also sells air conditioning units, which is another item that many homeowners are looking for at various times of the year. The Miele vacuum cleaners work well and they are dependable, but it is the attention to detail and the customer service offered by Vacuum Warehouse that really makes the difference. Vacuum Warehouse provides the brand name and the service, and for a positive vacuum cleaner experience they are all you really need.  


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8910 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0L7
(905) 709-6022