All Saints University School of Medicine

700 N Sacramento Blvd #311
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 583-1034


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All Saints University is the best Caribbean Medical School, located in Commonwealth of Dominica and is committed to providing high quality education leading to a Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD). All Saints faculty are all highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed professors who retain an MD or Ph.D. or both degrees. All Saints University Faculty take pleasure in providing quality education to their students along with one-on-one attention to students. Joshua Yusuf is the Director and President of the academy.

Founded by a group of dedicated medical and business professionals, all of whom had over 20 years of experience in medical education, All Saints University all started with 28 new students in April 2006. The motive of these medical and business professionals was to provide students a better approach to educating the next generation of physicians at affordable fees. Currently the university has over 1000 medical students and hundreds of graduates either in Canada, USA, and in other parts of the world at many different stages of their postgraduate or residency training, since letting the university to establish itself a great standing. 


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700 N Sacramento Blvd #311, Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 583-1034 Hillsborough St, Roseau, Dominica
(312) 583-1034