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For the perfect and ideal flying needs of any individual, family or company, Chartright Air Group is the fit to meet any service needs or budget. Offering the most experienced, professional and knowledgeable flight staff in the industry, Chartright continues to be the service provider for individual and business flight needs. As the leading private aviation service, Chartright manages over 30 private business jets and offers individualized service unavailable anywhere else. Headquartered at Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, they provide a complete of services at multiple locations, including Vancouver, Regina, Calgary and Timmins, in addition to Mississauga.

As the leading air charter provider in Canada, Chartright Air Group provides a diverse fleet, exceedingly high safety record, along with 20 years of industry experience. More than the leading provider, Chartright is an airline industry authority proven affordable, reliable, and safe and the top choice for fliers. With the ability to accommodate as many as 12 passengers, flying in the comfort of movies, meals, wines, stand-up cabins, full lavatories, berth-able seats, and music, Chartright can take passengers from 100 miles to as far away as Moscow.

In addition to private charter flights to Moscow and various areas, Chartright offers the most experienced, professional and safest pilots to pilot helicopters. In addition to piloting the helicopter, Chartright offers top quality maintenance and maintaining of the helicopter. Individuals owning their helicopter but wishing for it to be.

With a variety of services from block hour programs, cost efficiency, and responsible pricing, passengers will never find more complete satisfaction anywhere other than Chartright. The block hour program is the perfect solution for those who do not own their own aircraft. An affordable option for those monitoring a budget or indecisive to the decision or purchasing their own plane, the jet cad will provide customers with the ability to pay for only the hours they fly. Additionally, customers benefit from a guaranteed price by purchasing block hours in advance.

When safety is a priority, attention to detail and unmatched customer service is the demand, Chartright Air Group is the solution. With all the advantages and professionalism of Chartright, there is no wonder countless individuals and businesses are joining Chartright’s existing loyal and devoted customer base to meet all their flying needs. 


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1441 Aviation Park NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8M7
(905) 671-4674 2450 Derry Road E, Mississauga, ON L5S 1B2
(905) 671-4674