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Borrow With Your Car, also previously known under the name Prudent Financial Services, started in 1984 and has been proud to serve Toronto and the GTA ever since. They were the first Ontario lender to offer loans to people in bankruptcies or with bad credit histories. To this day, they specialize in vehicle title loans and vehicle repair loans.

Borrow With Your Car can give you a vehicle title loan when you are in need. This means you can get a loan using your car as collateral or security. To be eligible, you need to be in bankruptcy, to have a bad credit history or a proposal almost paid off. You can also be self-employed or on commissions. The car you will use to get your car title loan must be fully paid off and insured, and be 6 years old or newer. High-end cars can be older than 6 years, so make sure you are eligible by contacting Borrow With Your Car. You can also contact them to ask for a vehicle repair loan. If your car needs to be fixed, you could be eligible to receive a loan of up to $5,000.

Borrow With Your Car is proud to do what they can to help you repair your credit with a simple and quick process. To apply for a loan, you can first call them, or contact them online. If your online application is sent during business hours, you should get a reply on the same day. You will then have to visit Borrow With Your Car at their office to end the loan process. 


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1150 Sheppard Ave W #1, Toronto, ON M3K 2B5
(416) 634-2022