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CarDATA Consultants Inc is a North American management consulting firm that specializes in vehicle reimbursement and risk management programs. Its main target group are companies that wish to better track costs associated with employees driving a company car such as fuel prices, administrative costs and risk of accidents. It also provides other services such as safety training and DMV license checks.

At CarDATA Consultants Inc, the company aims to protect and shield companies from liability arising from unexpected or difficult to define circumstances. For Instance, many companies providing company cars to their employers assume full liability for the vehicle even outside of working hours or work-related errands. This results in companies being liable for the vehicle even when it is driven for personal use or by family members who possess unknown history or experience. 


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271 Cornwall Rd #201, Oakville, ON L6J 7Z5
(866) 550-5188 3380 Sheridan Drive #264, Buffalo, NY 14226
(866) 550-5188