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Sales Talent Agency is Canada's best sales recruitment company. They have three different Sales interview centres, including one in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are proud of their work interviewing, recruiting and placing top sales talent with more than 400 companies in North America.

The Sales Talent Agency team is all about the love of sales. They recruit nothing more than the most talented sales people on the market, because they are themselves the most talented recruiters in the business. They know what their clients want, and what their candidates want, and they are determined to always place the right candidates with the right clients. By keeping in mind the specific needs and goals of everyone, Sales Talent Agency is able to create winning situations, where everyone will be successful and satisfied. Commitment, respect and teamwork are some of the core values that made Sales Talent Agency reach for the top. And they are still growing and meeting new clients each year!

Sales Talent Agency's employees are more than just employees: they are all partners in the company, working together to face new challenges, and to reach out to new clients and new sales talent candidates. Before earning the title of Sales Talent Agent, each of them started out as a sales professional, an elite sales recruiter, or a very talented Sales Talent Agency Apprentice. You can find out more about each member of the team by reading their small bio, or by reading the Sales Talent Agency blog, where they are sharing their love of sales by frequently writing about different topics.

Sales Talent Agents are experts at matching up sales talent candidates with their ideal career. If you are a sales person looking for work, visit Sales Talent Agency's website to search through more than 100 interesting opportunities in different Canadian cities, with a focus on Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. There is a job right for you, and Sales Talent Agency will help you find it.

On the other hand, if you are working for a company looking to hire a sales representative, a sales leader or an entire sales team, Sales Talent Agency is ready to find the right top talent for you. Their sales representatives resume database no doubt contains the names of the perfect candidates for your business.

Sales Talent Agency is a team of professionals who are passionate about sales, and they are glad to share their knowledge with you. Along with their blog, you can read many interesting sales interview and sales recruiting tips on their website. Use these tips to get ready for your next interview, or to know how to deal with your sales team.

You can contact Sales Talent Agency at their Vancouver Sales interview centre either by phone or by email. It's also possible to reach each member of the team directly. If you are a sales talent looking for work, or a business searching for the perfect sales person, don't hesitate to get in touch with the best sales recruitment company in the country. 


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564 Beatty St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
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(888) 355-0544