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The Toronto Disability Lawyers - Yazdani Law Office is a law office that helps clients handle their disability law cases. Mark Yazdani heads up the law office and offers his clients top-notch legal services. People who have had a disability claim denied can get legal assistance so that they can file a lawsuit to sue for damages. The law firm is located in Ontario, Canada so anyone that resides there can contact the law office for a free consultation.

During the consultation, Mr. Yazdani will sit down with people to discuss the specifics regarding what happened. If the disability benefits have been cut off for an invalid reason, then people can get help to try to right the wrongs so that they can collect the compensation that they are entitled to. Many people who need this type of legal work performed for them have limited financial means.

The Yazdani Law Office understands this, which is why they do not ask for any funds up front to retain their services. This is why people should take a chance to have their disability claim handled the right way. Some people throw in the towel too soon. The Yazdani Law Office takes a different approach so that every person has a champion in his or her corner.

Many lawyers focus more on money than they do on helping clients have a solid strategy to get their disability claim case won in a court of law. Mark Yazdani views each of his clients as family. He knows how to fight the good fight to help each person get up and fight for his or her rights. He has spent his career trying to get insurance companies to do the right thing so that clients can get the benefits that they need to deal with the disability that they have. People can call his law office at any time to schedule an appointment. 


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5000 Yonge Street #1901, Toronto, ON M2N 7E9
(416) 630-8880