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Affordable Pest Control is a Canadian pest control company offering services in the extermination of a variety of unwanted insects, rodents and other wildlife in. It serves customers across the Durham region in Ontario including Pickering, Whitby, Ajax and Bowmanville among others. With years of experience in the eradication more than 100 types of pests, Affordable Pest Control is committed to safe practices and superior customer service for individuals and enterprises alike. Affordable Pest Control has experience in dealing with bedbugs, wasps, fleas, rodents and a variety of birds. Affordable Pest Control operates on a quota estimate basis which establishes the cost of pest control and to maintain a transparent relationship with customers.

Affordable Pest Control employs the best practices to effectively eliminate pests both in a residential and a commercial setting. It possesses considerable experience dealing with bedbugs with a chemical application or a heat treatment procedure which are both harmless for humans. In addition, Affordable Pest Control also offers rodent exterminator services to deal with the presence of mice and rats in homes and commercial buildings. The procedure takes 2-6 weeks and utilizes a bait and trap method which is safe for children and pets. It is fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment as well as fully insured for residential or commercial pest control procedures. 


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