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ADL Insulflex Inc. is a Canadian company and member of the ADL group that started experimenting to protect fire hoses from flames and molten metal splash with non-asbestos materials. This experimentation began in 1962 and has continued over the years. Today, ADL Insulflex Inc. offers several important products as part of its operation. These products include fire blankets, fire sleeves, heat resistant tapes, high temperature sealants and ropes, and custom fabrication of a number of different products. ADL Insulflex Inc. created a program that is designed for quick shipments and is able to ship products to most of the industrialized areas in the world in under three days. They are also able to do it at an affordable price.

The corporate headquarters of ADL Insulflex Inc. is in Cobourg, Ontario. Cobourg is around an hour east of Toronto so it is always easy to get products out quickly via overnight courier to virtually anywhere in the world. There is also a facility in New York State, which is able to service the American customers much faster and more efficiently. The Insulflex Division of the ADL Group was created in 1992 in order to concentrate on product development for several different high temperature materials. ADL Insulflex was incorporated in both Canada and the United States in 1996 and then opened a sales office in Germany in 1997 to sell throughout Europe.

After continued growth and several new products, a sales office was opened in China in 2003 and the manufacturing operations were expanded in 2005. The company kept expanding and growing and establishing new products and launched the fourth generation website in 2008.

With this type of industry, research and development is a key factor and it must be ongoing and aggressive. Some of the industries that ADL Insulflex Inc. has worked with and made inroads with include auto manufacturing, die casting, injection molding, marine equipment, auto racing, glass and ceramics, chemical processing, generators, mining equipment and petrochemical tire plants. All of these areas either feature high heat elements that could result in severe injury or fatalities, or pieces where high heat could cause a malfunction of some sort and serious consequences. Either way, ADL Insulflex works around the clock to find solutions for these potential time bombs. Adding heat protection in places where it is sorely needed is a source of pride and a feeling of responsibility for many on the ADL Insulflex team.  


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8783 Dale Rd, Cobourg, ON K9A 4J9
(905) 377-1488