How to Transform Your Lawn in 3 Simple Steps

By Jess Penner

Hiring a professional to take care of your lawn needs is the best way to ensure they are met in an effective, proactive way. Lawn care servicers are called experts for a reason. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun and do it yourself. Experts know the best ways to nurture your lawn in the most productive manner. If you want a greener, healthier, controlled environment for your lawn, it’s about time you consulted a professional. This guide will advise you as to what services you should seek out when consulting a professional. Start here:

1. Weed Control

Remember when dear ole mom and dad had you plucking weeds from the lawn, and you had no idea why? It’s about time you enlightened yourself to the benefits of pulling weeds and getting them under control. Weeds will compete with your lawn grass for water, space, light, and nutrients. If they’re not kept under control, they can overtake your lawn. Seeking out weed control means regular fertilization, proper mowing, and appropriate watering technique. Weeds will be eradicated and your grass will be beautiful with the right care and time commitment. Keep in mind, when your lawn isn’t treated with the right weed killer, this can cause even more problems for improving your landscape. You eliminate this possibility when you consult and hire an expert. They know the best, healthiest chemicals to spray on your lawn to eliminate and prevent problems.

2. Insect Control

While some insects may help other plants be nurtured, some insects left unchecked on your lawn can cause damage to it. There is a plethora of insects the common homeowner has no idea about that could have serious effects on lawn care, whether that be mole crickets, Japanese beetles, or even moles themselves. Experts know exactly when in the insect's’ lifecycles they should be controlled. If checked at inappropriate times, problems may arise with your lawn. The last thing you want is an infestation of bad insects damaging your lawn. Experts are pro identifiers. They see things you might not understand yourself with your property.

3. Disease Control

It turns out those brown patches you may see pop up now and then on your lawn aren’t just from lack of water. These patches may be a sign of disease on your lawn. This is where an expert comes in handy. They can diagnose and identify when a patch is just a patch, or when it’s more hazardous to your landscape. When a disease is diagnosed, experts will know how to control it with the appropriate chemicals and help you prevent them from resurfacing. A healthy lawn is a happier you. There’s no denying it.

Do these things sound like what you’re looking for in lawn care? If you found yourself nodding along to any of these topics, you should consult a professional lawn care service and get a quote today. It’s never too late or early to advance your lawn care. Summer is the perfect time to get started.