How to Hire a Good Litigation Lawyer: 7 Steps

By Jess Penner

There is a good chance that you will only need the services of a commercial litigation lawyer once or twice in your life, but this is not an excuse for not making sure you are hiring the right one. Commercial litigation is complex, and having a good lawyer on your side is important when the time comes.

After you have asked around for recommendations and you have made a list of potential commercial litigation lawyers, here is how you can make sure you are choosing the right one.

⚖️ 1. Speak with other lawyers you have hired in the past

Most lawyers know other lawyers, or have at least heard about some of them. When you have a short list of potential commercial litigation lawyers, speak with other lawyers you have already hired in the past.

Your real estate lawyer or personal injury lawyer might be able to let you know if the commercial litigation lawyers you are considering have a good reputation. They might even be able to recommend you a lawyer.

⚖️ 2. Pay attention to the experience of the lawyer

You should probably not hire a commercial litigation lawyer who has less than five years of experience in this practice area. You need an experienced lawyer who has handled many cases, and will know how to help you win yours.

Most lawyers will display the number of years they have been working in commercial litigation on their website.

⚖️ 3. Review the past records of the lawyer

The commercial litigation lawyer you choose should be experienced and qualified, but they should also be able to successfully handle the cases of their clients.

Go online to search for more information about each lawyer on your list. Look for awards and reviews from their past clients, but also for the number of cases they have won for them over the years.

⚖️ 4. Call the commercial litigation lawyer’s office

You will need to speak with each potential lawyer on your list so you can compare them and choose the right one for your situation. You can either call their office, or schedule an interview with them and meet them one after the other.

As you speak with each lawyer, ask them a few questions about their practice and their fees. A few minutes should be enough for you to figure out if a lawyer could be a right fit for you.

⚖️ 5. The lawyer is easy to understand

Commercial litigation can be very complex, but it doesn’t mean that a conversation with your commercial litigation lawyer should be. If the lawyer you are interviewing in person or on the phone doesn’t sound coherent to you, you should meet with another one.

Choose a lawyer who can explain you what is going on with your case in terms you can easily understand. You don’t need the additional confusion of trying to figure out what your lawyer is talking about all the time.

⚖️ 6. The lawyer works on a limited number of cases each year

Beware of a commercial litigation lawyer who will tell you they work on an incredibly high number of cases each year. A good lawyer should focus on a limited number of files so they can achieve the outstanding results their clients are expecting.

⚖️ 7. The lawyer can give you a good idea of their fees

Finally, the right commercial litigation lawyer should be able to give you an idea of what their services will cost you from the start. Even if they can’t give you a precise quote, they should tell you if you will be able to afford their services.