7 Guidelines to Work With a New Plastic Surgeon

By Jess Penner

Plastic surgery is a booming business today. Due to the high demand for qualified doctors to reverse aging, alter the body, and fix imperfections, many medical practitioners and nonmedical practitioners are setting up offices to cash in on the very lucrative field of medicine.

Cosmetic surgery has life long effects. The right procedure will help you feel better and boost your confidence, but the wrong surgery can have very damaging, and even life-threatening implications.

Before getting any procedure done, it is important to take the time needed to find the right plastic surgeon. With something this important and life altering, the more information you know about your physician, the more prepared you will be to make the right decision. When looking for a plastic surgeon, here are tips to help you find the right one.

1. Check Their Credentials and Licensing

It is important to verify that you are visiting a real, licensed doctor who is legally allowed to practice medicine. Find out where the professional went to school, what training and experience they have, and what province they are licenced under. You can also find out if the doctor has had any issues, complaints, or previous suspensions.

The surgeon should have advanced and specialized training in the cosmetic field. Governing boards have public access sites to help patients find authentic, qualified doctors.

2. Check Experience with Procedure

Before getting any procedure done, find out how many other operations the doctor performed previously. Ask other patients what their experience was like. You can find reviews about a physician on different medical websites. It is important t/o see what other patients are saying. Have there been any ill effects or lawsuits because of the surgery? Do other patients recommend this medical professional for this type of procedure?

3. Similar Aesthetic Values and Beliefs

What one person perceives as beautiful, another might not. Doctors who have very different opinions or values than you on what is beautiful might not have your best interests at heart. During your initial consultation, interview them, look at their before and after photos, and ask questions. Before your meeting, go through their website for information, and pay close attention to detail, especially around the results from other patients who have had the same procedure.

4. Find Out Where the Procedures Will be Done

Hotel rooms and personal homes are not medical offices or hospitals. Before getting any procedure done, it’s important to find out where it will be performed. Some procedures can be performed at the physician’s clinic while others require a hospital facility. Ensure the place is legitimate and up-to-code first.

5. Visit Their Office

It’s important to see exactly where the procedure is going to happen. Make sure the place is clean, sterile, and has the right equipment to perform surgical procedures. Listen to your gut instinct while inspecting the staff and environment. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, do not go through with the procedure.

6. Check Their Reviews

Past and present clients will often leave reviews about their experience. Read them all to see what others are saying because they are your best resource. You can find out quickly if their experiences were positive or negative, what operations they had done, and if there were any issues or complaints. You will also see the compliments and positive experiences others have had.

7. Download and Complete a Doctor Checklist

Authentic medical licensing boards have doctor checklists that patients can download and use to help find a good doctor. By going through the check list, you will get all the information you need to help you find the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure.